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The Agro-Environmental and Water Economics Institute (INAGEA) is a joint research institute established by the Autonomous Community of the Balearic Islands (the General Directorate of Agriculture and Livestock and the General Directorate of Innovation and Research), the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB), and the National Institute for Agricultural and Food Research Technology (INIA).

INAGEA was set up in order to generate scientific and technical knowledge and transfer this knowledge to the agro-food and environmental sector.

In its Creation Agreement, the basic lines of research that will be adapted to the needs of the sector, as well as to the Balearic Islands’ Science, Technology and Innovation Plan, are highlighted.

The Strategic Plan draws attention to INAGEA’s interest in promoting close collaboration with the immediate environment as well as collaborating with local entities on specific R&D programmes. It also outlines INAGEA’s intention to work with public and private sector companies on research, training, transfer and dissemination.


Agro-food Production and Protection

This department is made up of researchers working mainly in the area of Food Technology

Plant Biology and Environment
Hortalizas Bases Edafológicas

This department is made up of researchers working mainly in the areas of Soil Science and Plant Physiology

INAGEA the media

The media has come to play a fundamental role in the transmission of scientific knowledge to society as a whole. The presence of Research Centres is becoming increasingly important in order to raise public knowledge and make people aware of the social value of the work carried out by researchers, hence favouring the dissemination of knowledge

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INAGEA: A shared effort

INAGEA: A shared effort

INAGEA: The INAGEA comes from a shared effort maintained for nearly seven years by the UIB and the Direcció General d’Innovació i Recerca and the Direcció General d’Agricultura i Ramaderia, Govern de les Illes Balears