Diego Olmo García

Dr. Agronomist Engineer - Responsible for the Official Laboratory of Plant Sanitation of the Balearic Islands
SEMILLA- Empresa Adscrita a Conselleria de MediAmbient, Agricultura i Pesca. Sede: Edificisa Granja CarrerEusebi Estada 145. 07008 Palma
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Dr. Ingeniero Agrónomo- Responsable del Laboratorio Oficial de Sanitat Vegetal de les Illes Balears

Valencia (1975), Dr. Agricultural Engineering (UPV).

Since 2001 he has worked as the manager of the Plant Health Laboratory of the Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries. He is an active member of the Spanish Society of Phytopathology (SEF) and the Group Specializedin Diagnostics and Identification (GEDDI). He has plant pathology related publications in international journals of impact as well as Plant Disease, the European Journal of Plant Pathology or Persoonia, and communications in national and international congresses. He joined the teaching staff as an Associate Professor of Plant Pathology in 2013-2014 (Degree in Agricultural Engineering and Environment), and in 2015 he taught on the Master of Engineering in Agronomy. He has directed several high level works, and collaborates on several national research projects related to plant pathology

Research Lines

  • General Phytopatholgy
  • Especially: Fungal trunk diseases


  • Research Detection diagnosis. of plant pests and diseases


  • Nuevas herramientas epidemiológicas y moleculares para el manejo de enfermedades fúngicas de la parte aérea en frutales. RTA-2013-00004-C03-03


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  • Olmo, D., Armengol, J., León, M., Gramaje, D. 2015: Pathogenicity testing of lesser-known fungal trunk pathogens associated with wood decay of almond trees. European Journal of Plant Pathology 143: 607-611.
  • Olmo, D., Gramaje, D., Agustí-Brisach, C., León, M, Armengol, J. 2014: First report of Phaeoacremoniumvenezuelense associated with wood decay of apricot trees in Spain. Plant Disease 98: 1001.
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