As well as organizing seminars permitting the dissemination of research and promoting scientific discussion, INAGEA also makes a significant contribution to the dissemination of knowledge to the agro-food sector of the Balearic Islands.

These seminars usually take place at the University of the Balearic Islands’ Post Graduate Study Centre (The Antoni Maria Alcover Building) in order to bring the institute closer to the university community as a whole, as well as creating closer ties between the University and the rest of society.


  • Día 17 de diciembre: Seminario del Dr.Tim Brodribb (Profesor titular de Fisiología Vegetal de la Universidad de Tasmania, Australia). Título: 400 million years of evolution in water management in vasc

  • Tercera Sesión ‘Bioeconomia a Balears: Del repte a l’oportunitat’ Dijous 8 de novembre de 9,00h  a 14,30h.